Excellent Governance is absolutely key in providing the best service we can to our communities. Peak Edge has a governance structure that gives us the ability to continue to pioneer improvement whilst at the same time ensuring accountability, responsibility and stability.

Our structure allows individual schools to maintain operational autonomy and unique identities whilst also taking advantage of shared resources, economies of scale and strategic oversight by dedicated leadership.

Effective Governance in Peak Edge is supported by the following:

  • The Trust Members ensure the Trust stays true to our core principles
  • The Trustee Board have overall responsibility for the running of the Trust
  • The Trustee Board also has various sub committees which focus on dedicated tasks and have delegated responsibilities. These currently include:
    • The Finance and Audit committee which ensures good practice and financial health across the Trust
    • The Headteacher Board which co-ordinates the running of the academies and Strategic Partnership working
    • Local Governing Boards operate in each academy and oversee the day to day running of the academies and fulfil many different functions in line with the Scheme of Delegation
  • The Executive Team, including the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Financial Officer

Academy Trust Structure